Sponsorship Applications

At Banshee Bikes we want to partner with mountain bike athletes of the highest caliber to help promote our brand. Athletes that are professional both on and off the bike. Athletes that live with passion, charisma, and inflict positivity on those around them.

Banshee Bike’s is a very small company, and our sponsorship abilities are limited, making our sponsorship selections inherently discerning. Athletes at our factory level of support have almost certainly worked their way up the ranks and support levels, and proven themselves as valued partners to the Banshee Team. Starting at grassroots and working their way up.

If you think you have what it takes to be one of the select few who ride for the Banshee Bikes, we would like to hear from you. Please send your full resume, proposal, and links to photos and videos. If you live in Europe, Asia, South America, Australasia, or Africa, please email your local distributor, if you live in North America you can email hello@bansheebikes.com. North American athletes are also encouraged to create proposals for local dealers, where additional local opportunities may exist.

Applications for sponsorship will only be reviewed during September and October. If you have an outstanding proposal we will be in touch. Sponsorship requests outside of this application timeframe, or incomplete, unprofessional proposals, may not be responded to.