Jay MacNeil

Hi, I’m an owner and the Operations Manager at Banshee.

Already an avid cyclist and mountain biker, I got a lucky break when I landed a job at Syncros way back in 1991. I found myself outside the industry when Syncros later moved to California, but I got a second chance when a fledgling Banshee Bikes was looking for a manager and 12 years later I’m still here. A lot has transpired since that time, but what hasn’t changed is the passion I still have for the sport, the sense of responsibility to our riders and customers, and the appreciation of the industry and people.

In a normal workday, I’ll wear many hats, but the most enjoyable part of the day is when I get positive feedback directly from a customer. It’s that connection that keeps me going because while it’s a fun industry, it requires you to work very hard and put in serious hours… so those little moments make it worthwhile.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know I have a huge responsibility to put forth the best effort I can muster to ensure we continue to make some of the best bikes possible.

Keith Scott

I’m an owner, the engineer and the designer at Banshee Bikes among other things.

I live and grew up in Scotland, and have always loved riding bikes. When I first visited Vancouver for a few months when I was 18 I was introduced to riding on the North Shore, Whistler, and went on a camping/riding trip around BC. Since then I’ve returned almost every summer to ride and see friends. When I’m back in UK I build DH trails and jump spots to try and bring a little of the magic back with me.

I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering where I specialized in suspensions dynamics and linkage kinematics. Previous related jobs range from wrenching at local bike shop when I was growing up, to an international engineering consultancy company, and a great time at Rolls-Royce designing and manufacturing jet engine components where I learned a lot.

I do this job because I love riding bikes, and want to design the best bikes in the world! I don’t believe in gimmicks and marketing spiel, I believe in actual performance. I aim to design bikes that outperform all other bikes on the market. Try one and see for yourself.

Dennis Beare

I’m the Brand manager here at Banshee Bikes. I am also responsible for customer service, buildkit specs that we offer.

I grew up in Australia and have been riding mountain bikes for the last 15 years. I rode mostly DH and 4x in Australia but I was lucky enough to spend many summers in stunning BC where I worked as a mountain bike guide, and picked up a love for all mountain and trial riding. I fell in love with BC and made a permanent move to Vancouver in 2009. I now based in Squamish and have one the best trail networks I’ve ever ridden in my back yard.

Before joining Banshee I worked at World Trail, building and design mountain bike parks around the world.

My job at Banshee is a dream come true for a mountain bike addict like myself. Being such a small company, each of us are heavily involved in all aspects of getting Keith’s designs from paper and onto the trails. It is great to be able to put my personal stamp on the bikes that our customers get to ride. A Banshee truly is a bike designed for riders by riders.

Michael Buell

By title I’m the sales manager and customer service representative here at Banshee Bikes. Although, being a small company, we all wear a lot of hats. To me, this is great! Everyone at Banshee is awesome, and we all work closely together with the unified mission of delivering the best possible mountain bike experience!

I was born and raised on bikes, skis, and outdoor adventure. I grew up in the middle of the mountains near the small town of Nederland, Colorado. I now find myself back, living near Nederland in the middle of the amazing Colorado Rockies.

Ski racing is where I really got my competitive start, but at the age of 20 I was ready for a new challenge and transitioned from competitive skiing, to downhill mountain bikes. I earned a bachelors degree in marketing from the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I was a member of the 2005 MTB collegiate national championship team. Other career highlights include competing in UCI DH world cup, and enduro world tour events throughout North America and Europe. I also represented Team USA at Pan-American DH champs in Columbia in 2011.

My Brother and I founded Team Geronimo in 2007. After a few seasons we became Team Geronimo / Banshee Bikes and built a great 5 year relationship with Banshee. It is really rewarding for this project to come full circle. Working now for Banshee Bikes is really a dream job. I am psyched to be a part of the industry that has been such a huge influence to me. It is also awesome to be involved with a company that I truly believe to be the best!