Forged frame sections

While most brands either CNC from billet, or buy catalogue parts, like chainstay yokes and dropouts for their frames, all our designs are bespoke and we open our own forgings for every one. Expensive… yes, but worth the cost to ensure superior performance.

By using bespoke designs we are not limited by the design or dimensions of admittedly cheaper catalogue parts readily used by many brands. This means that Keith can design every part from scratch to be optimized for exact purpose on every specific frame. Therefore he can control all dimensions, tolerances, shape and stiffness to deliver exactly what he wants.

Found on all models.

We choose to open forgings rather than just CNC machine from billet for a few reasons:

Strength: Forged parts are stronger than machined parts due to the pressures of the forging process aligning the grain structure of the alloy. Ultimate strength for forged parts is around 9% higher than machined from billet due to the alignment and size of the grain structure. Forged parts also offer a higher resistance to impact and fatigue loads.

Less waste: Our forgings are still post machined by CNC to tolerance where required, but the parts are near net forged, meaning that the form of the forgings is close to the final form. Therefore there is significantly less material being machined off than there would be if a part were machined from billet. While all our off-cuts are always 100% recycled, it’s better to make full use of material in the first place and reduce machining time and energy consumption significantly.

The result is a stronger, lighter frame with lower environmental impact.