Boost 148x12mm dropouts

There are a plethora of different dropout ‘standards’ in the mountain bike world, and we try our best to make our bikes compatible with as many as possible so that you don’t have to choose. However we feel that overall the Boost 148 standard offers the best all round performance with modern 12 speed drivetrains, and so for non-DH bikes if interchangeable dorpouts are not an option, this is the standard that we use.

Combining an M12x1.75mm (maxle standard) axle with 148mm hub external width results in a stuff rear hub interface while also having guide seats for the hubs for ease of assembly. The spacing is not too wide to cause significant heel clearance issues, but wide enough to build a good stiff wheel. The chainring spacing allows greater clearance, but fits without requiring large Q-factor cranks. The chainline is optimal for middle of cassette gear. Overall it’s the best option in the market, and that is why we support it.

Available on all models (except Legend and Amp).