14 Sep 2004, Posted by JWHP in amp

Q: What kind of headtube?

A: Pre 2012 1-1/8 integraged, 2012 and after taper style 50mm bottom cup

Q: What size bottom bracket?

A: The amp uses an English threaded [aka ISO] 73mm width and works best with 118mm BB spindle or longer.

Q: Whats the biggest tire that can fit?

A: The Amp was designed around a 2.30 tire, however depending on the tire it may accept a bit larger but then your mud clearance will suffer.

Q: What is the best gearing for single speed?

A: It depends on you, but general guys like around a 2:1 ratio or 52 gear inches . For example a 22 tooth front ring with a 12 tooth cog at the back. There are some great resources online and one of the best is Sheldon Brown